Emerson Process Management offers a broad range of versatile Fisher multi-purpose regulators that operate in a variety of fluids in process / specialty gas applications.

MR95 Series Pressure Reducing Regulators 
MR95H_squaresmallMR95 Series regulators are compact, large-capacity, direct-operated pressure regulators. The units are available in 1/4 NPT through 2-inch / DN 50 sizes and are offered in several different end connection configurations.

1098-EGR_W6956-squaresmallTypes 1098-EGR and 1098H-EGR Pressure Reducing Regulators 

Fisher Types 1098-EGR and 1098H-EGR regulators provide economical and accurate pressure control in a wide variety of applications; natural gas distribution systems, fuel gas supply and large commercial / industrial establishments.

Types 1301F and 1301G High Pressure Regulators

1301F-1_P1025-squaresmallFisher Types 1301F and 1301G regulators are self-operated, high-pressure regulators, can be used where high pressure gas must be reduced for use as pilot supply pressure in pilot-operated regulator or as loading pressure in pressure-loaded regulators.


627_W6309-squaresmall627 Series Commercial / Industrial Regulators

Fisher 627 Series direct-operated pressure reducing regulators are for low and high-pressure systems.


95 Series Pressure Reducing Regulators

95H_W1888-A-squaresmallFisher 95 Series regulators are a compact, large-capacity, direct-operated pressure regulators. 95 Series regulators are available in 1/4 through 2-inch / DN 15 through 50 sizes and is offered in several different end connection configurations.

MR105-Low-Pressure-square_small (1)Type MR105 Direct-Operated Pressure Reducing RegulatorsType MR105 direct-operated pressure reducing regulator is a high capacity multi-purpose regulator designed to handle pressures up to 400 psig / 27,6 bar and temperatures up to 250°F / 121°C.

Y600A Series Pressure Reducing RegulatorsFisher Y600A Series direct-operated, spring loaded regulators provide economical pressure reducing control in a variety of commercial and industrial applications.


Y690A Series Pressure Reducing RegulatorFisher Y690 Series pressure reducing regulator is ideally suited to control gas supply to in-plant processing equipment.

Type Y692 Gas Blanketing RegulatorFisher Type Y692 gas blanketing regulator is a pressure reducing self-operated regulator with internal registration requiring no downstream control line. It is used for accurate pressure control on very low pressure blanketing systems.