Fisher Control Valves


Based in the centre of the M62 Corridor, Provalve operate throughout the UK and are ideally placed to provide a fast response and supply Fisher valves from Humberside to the Wirral and beyond.

GXFisher® GX is a compact, state-of-the-art control valve and actuator system, designed to control a wide range of process liquids, gases, and vapors. It is designed to meet the requirements of both EN and ASME standards. Valve body sizes DN 15 to DN 100 (NPS 1/2 through 4) and pressure classes PN 10-40 CL150 and 300.  Shutoff capabilities of Class IV, V and VI.  It is available with a complete accessory package, including the FIELDVUE series digital valve controller and optional metal bellows seal.



Fisher® RSS lined globe valve has pure-modified PTFE trim parts, positive shutoff and push-down-to-close action. PTFE bellows seal. NPS 1/2 to 4 CL150 or 300. This valve is intended for use in applications involving corrosive and toxic flowing media.



Fisher E SeriesEmerson’s Fisher Easy-e control valve is found in every industry where fluid flow must be controlled,  providing users with improved process performance and reliability. Whether the application involves refining, oil and gas production, power generation, paper manufacturing, or chemical processing, you will find the easy-e hard at work. It is offered in a broad range of body styles and end connections, in sizes NPS ½ thru 36. You can easily select the configuration that best meets your process requirements. With interchangeable parts, inventory costs can be kept to a minimum, resulting in savings that go right to your bottom line.The easy-e control valve gives you a high return


w75933wayFisher® YD and YS three-way cage-guided valves are designed for throttling or flow-switching (on-off) service. The YD balanced valves are for general converging (flow-mixing) and diverging (flow-splitting) service. They are available in standard and high-temperature versions. The YS unbalanced valves are for general converging service. When used in diverging service, YS valves are recommended for on-off applications only.


Fisher® CV500 is a flanged or flangeless eccentric plug valve with splined shaft, streamlined flow passages and a reversible metal seat ring. The CV500 is available in NPS 3 through 12 (DN 80 through 300) , CL150/300/600 (PN 10 through PN 100). The CV500 combines the range of the cammed-segmented V-notched ball, with the ruggedness found in the V500 heavy duty bearings, body and seals.



w8380V500Fisher® V500 is a flanged or flangeless eccentric plug rotary control valve featuring a self-centering seat ring, streamlined flow passages and rugged metal trim components. The V500 is available in NPS 1 through 8 (flangeless available only in NPS 3 through 8), CL150/300/600 (PN 10/100) (NPS 3 through 8), CL300 (PN25/40). This valve is for use in heavy slurry or corrosive applications.



Rotary Valves

When capacity and performance are the requirements rotary valves are the answer.  Popular rotary products include butterfly, eccentric plug, full-bore pipeline, high-performance butterfly and segmented ball.

Vee-Ball V150 is a flanged valve for throttling or on-off operation for many different applications in the process industries. The V150 is available in NPS 1 through 20, CL150 (DN 25 through 300, PN 10/16). Trim components are interchangeable between Design V150, V200 and V300.

Fisher Valve Repair Humberside & the Wirral

Provalve’s central location and access to the UK motorway network allows us to operate throughout the UK and enables us to offer Fisher valve repair to the Wirral, Humberside and further afield.

Our direct access to the Fisher systems allows us to offer a fast response regarding valve selection and quotation of valves and valve spares. As Fisher’s Premier FASP Provalve also offer a first class repair service using OEM parts. So if ever you encounter a problem with your Fisher valves then just get in touch with us and one of our specialists will be here to help and get it fixed for you with our quick and efficient Fisher valve repair service.