XL Pneumatic Actuators

ActuatorsThe XL actuator range of actuators is the result of Hytork’s 30-plus years of field-proven experience. The actuators have numerous features that add reliability. Its rugged heavy duty body is made from a high strength LM25 aluminum casting designed to prevent damage from dents, shock or fatigue. The XL is modular in design and is field convertible from double-acting to spring-return configurations and vice versa.

Product Brochures, Manuals and Technical Data


1 NAMUR Mounting This mounting configuration allows standardization of mounting hardware for a      wide range of accessories.

2 CERAMIGARD The spring chambers of spring return actuators often have an open connection to the environment. To protect the bore and other internals against wear and corrosion, all XL actuator bodies have a hard corrosion resistant ceramic-like finish of Di-Aluminum Tri-oxide (Al2 O3 ).