Leser Product

HIGH PERFORMANCEleser_sicherheitsventile_high_performance

Flanged safety valves with very high blow-off performance relative to their size. With a large number of line sizes, pressure ratings and additional equipment they have proven to be universal valve.


Flanged safety valves according to API 526 standard Orifices and leg lengths. Their robust design is particularly suitable for high pressures and materials such as Duplex, Monel or Hastelloy.


COMPACT PERFORMANCEleser_sicherheitsventile_compact_performance

Threaded and flanged safety valves with compact dimensions for small and medium powers. The variety of flow meters, seals and connectors makes them versatile.



Pilot-operated safety valves and supplementary loading systems for optimal tightness right up to set pressure.


MODULATE ACTIONleser_sicherheitsventile_modulate_action

Flanged safety valves with a standard or proportional opening characteristic. They minimize medium loss when opening and are used for thermal relief applications, liqud service and protection from pressure peaks.



Safety valves for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries that meet all the relevant standards and regulations such as DIN 11866 or ASME BPE.


CRITICAL SERVICEleser_sicherheitsventile_critical_service

PTFE-lined flanged safety valves for corrosive media such as chlorine, acids, and lyes. With their highly resistant lining they offer a safe solution for corrosive media.


BEST Aleser_sicherheitsventile_best_availabilityVAILABILITY

Change-over valves for increased plant availability and bursting discs in type-tested combination with safety valves.



Safety valves to meet the requirements of local codes and standards such as for heating systems (TRD 721).