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GS Control Valve from Flowserve available now

The Valtek GS General Service Control Valve

 Deliveries from two  weeks and soon  from Provalve stock.

V701 2in IG253 VSContact us for a quotation or further information.

Valve Type: Linear Globe
• Size: DN 15 to 150 (ASME 0.5 in to 6 in)
• Pressure: PN 16 and 40 (ASME Class 150 and 300)
• Flow Capacity Kv (Cv)*: 0,4 to 355 (0.46 to 410)
• Temperature: Standard range -46°C to 250°C
(-51°F to 482°F)
• Extended range -60°C to 400°C (-76°F to 752°F)
• Rangeability: 50:1
• Shutoff: Class IV standard; Classes V, VI optional
* Modified equal percent

Proven Actuation
FlowAct is the standard pneumatic diaphragm
actuator for Valtek linear globe valves. An optional
PS-Automation electric actuator is available. Valtek
Performance! software automatically selects actuator
model and size, without the need of special engineering.

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