National Grid valve Refurbishment Program

Provalve has recently completed the latest phase of a major valve overhaul program for The National Grid. The work which is still on-going has seen Provalve complete the major renovation of a large number of these semi obsolete Fisher Segmented Ball valves which were in many cases originally supplied in the Nineteen Sixties. Provalve were able to demonstrate their valve repair expertise by using special built jigs and tooling to refurbish to as new and ensure many more years of service.

As there are in total over 60 valves ranging in size from 4” to 16” the cost of replacements was prohibitive. The scope of work has because of Provalve’s proven capabilities been extended to include the main pressure let down control valves of CCI manufacture. The continued operation is critical to the stations performance and the supply of gas to the distribution networks. .For more information please contact us on 01422 313589 or email


Provalve Continues its Growth initiative

In line with the company’s growth initiative the Yorkshire based Specialist Valve Repair Company Provalve has recently with an investment in excess of One million Pounds more than doubled the size of its premises. The new site covers some 25,000 Square Feet with a workshop and offices facility of 15,000 Square Feet. As part of the development they have invested in machinery and plant to develop the Mechanical aspect of the business now offering with Control Valve expertise ‘’best in class’’ Safety/Relief Valve repair services both on and off-site, this service has been extended to include general mechanical valves and on/off applications.
Re structuring of the company has also been undertaken place with the promotion of Mick Brooke to Operations Director.
Dennis Alsancak who has some 40 years experience in the valve industry having during his career worked for many of the leading manufacturers has joined the company in the new position as Sales Director. The company is also increasing its manpower in all other areas in order to back up its growth initiative.
Provalve are a ‘’Fisher Approved Service Provider’’ and has held this prestigious approval for 5 years, our development within Emersons ‘’FASP’’ network now placed Provalve as their No.1 repair associate in the UK and as such our repair model has been rolled out across Europe and Scandinavia. Provalve have also secured a ‘’Black Tie’’ agreement with Flowserve extending to all valve products.
These attributes have enabled Provalve to secure a number long term contracts with a number of UK Oil & Gas, Refining, Power and Petrochemical companies.

UK Services Team Reports Successful Turnaround

UK Services Team Reports Successful Turnaround
at Lindsey Oil Refinery

Lindsey Oil is a Total-owned refinery in   North Lincolnshire, England.  In Sept. 2011, it began a scheduled   turnaround for its fluid catalytic cracker (FCC) unit. (Many modern FCC units   operate 24 hours a day for up to three years between shutdowns for routine   maintenance.) The FCC process converts heavy, low-value crude   oil to lighter, more valuable products such as high-octane gasoline.   Because it involves high temperatures and entrained particulates such as   catalyst, the process is tough on control valves. In spite of these   process conditions, control valves need to be reliable and provide accurate   control, because the FCC process impacts the plant’s overall   profitability.

With 500 employees and a production   capacity of 200,000 barrels per day, Lindsey is Britain’s third-largest   refinery. The FCC unit is one of four units added in the 1980s. Many of its   30-year-old control valves were considered beyond economic repair. The   Lindsey-FCC unit also had a number of level instruments creating maintenance   problems and no site-wide standard for control valve positioners.

Fisher Sales and Provalve personnel engaged   with Lindsey personnel 18 months before the turnaround began. The initial   scope for repair was about 350 valves, just over 200 units were scheduled for   repair following a repair pricing    review with Provalve, Flowserve, Masoneilan, and Metso were removed   from the vendors list after the first stage repair bidding.  Fisher®   valves, especially the GX and easy-e™ styles, rose to the top of the   preference list, eventually earning “no equal” status.

Emerson and Provalve ultimately won this   turnaround project and orders for general and severe-service valves totaling   $1,304,000 USD.  Besides the new valves, the Fisher business unit will   provide 16 Leveltrol instruments, $432,000 worth of parts, and 34 FIELDVUE™   DVC6200 digital valve controllers with safety-instrumented system (SIS)   capabilities. FIELDVUE instrument diagnostics will support linkage-less   position feedback and partial-stroke testing. The team replaced an AA-body in   HFA (hydrofluoric acid) service and supplied ANSI 600 valves in various sizes   for other process loops.


Refineries  like the Lindsey Oil facility in the United Kingdom (shown above) produce   high-octane gasoline from heavy crude oil with the help of a Fluid   Catalytic Cracker (FCC) unit. Emerson engineers design and test  Fisher®   valves to meet tough process conditions and help refiners maximize the   profitability of their FCC units.  

IMG_8430Employees   from Provalve the Fisher Authorized Service Provider (FASP) facility in   Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, moved to the new 15,000 square-ft facility   in Calderdale (above) in January 2012. 

On finalisation of  the valve repair work, the local Fisher   Authorized Service Provider (FASP) Provalve Ltd in Huddersfield were awarded   a $800,000 project, working closely with Total and Emerson sales personnel on   the pursuit and execution. Emerson praised the Provalve team members for how   this was executed during the defined outage period.  Provalve also provided repair support to   30+ Leveltrol instruments  and provided   20 DVC 6200 retrofit solutions as well as providing site decontamination   resources for HF valves. “The scope of our service resources, plus   Emerson’s good reputation supporting similar turnarounds, gave Lindsey   confidence in our products and capabilities.”

The customer was so impressed with the   valve monitoring and diagnostic capabilities demonstrated during the   turnaround that they’ve made FIELDVUE instruments the “site standard” for all   future valve applications.

Speaking for the regional services team,   Bob Burndred (Manager, Repair Associates, Fisher-Chatham) said, “The Lindsey   project will serve as a good business model for other refinery turnarounds in   the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.”

Provalve Approved Repairer of Fisher Products

New three year agreement for UK valve service provider
Emerson Process Management has reappointed Provalve Ltd as an approved repairer of Fisher products for workshop-based repairs.
Emerson Process Management has reappointed Provalve Ltd as an approved repairer of Fisher® products for workshop-based repairs. The agreement will see Provalve continue to provide a full range of repair services including full overhaul, maintenance, troubleshooting, and retrofit for a further three years and confirms the success of the approved repairer scheme for both companies.
Provalve is based in Huddersfield, in the heart of a region known as `valve valley’ and has been an approved repairer since 2005. Over the last three years, Provalve has continued to meet Emerson’s required technical, quality and business standards to deliver the very highest levels of quality service when undertaking repairs of Fisher products.
“We are very happy with the standard of work produced by Provalve and had no hesitation in reappointing the company as an approved repairer for the next three years,” said Roger Henbest, Manager for Fisher Repair Associates at Emerson. “We have worked closely with the company for a number of years, their level of service is extremely high and the feedback we have had from our customers that have used their services has been extremely positive.”
Provalve has a wealth of experience in the repair of all types of globe control, safety & relief and isolation valve products, having contracts with a number of blue chip organisations within the petrochemical, refining, oil & gas, power and general process industries. The approved repairer agreement provides Provalve with original Fisher factory specifications, maintenance instructions and service reference manuals, ensuring that repairs are completed to the highest standards.
“Emerson provides ongoing training and information to ensure we are kept up to date with the latest control valve product developments and we are very experienced with their range of digital valve controllers,” said Paul Hunter, Managing Director, Provalve Ltd. “They also provide 24/7 hotline technical support and specialised maintenance training.”
Provalve celebrated the signing of the approved repairer agreement at the same time as officially opening a brand new extension to their workshop, effectively doubling its size. A number of important customers and users of Fisher products attended the event.
Provalve’s impressive workshop
“Over the last three years Provalve has developed into one of the top five control valve service providers within the UK and passed some major milestones. The recently opened new building is just one of those, increasing our capacity and enabling a smoother transition through each stage of the repair,” said Hunter.
“We have worked with Provalve almost from day one and the level of support they provide is fantastic. We often demand very short turnaround times to coincide with maintenance windows, but this never seems to faze them. We know we can trust them with any valve repair job we have and that’s why we continue to use them,” said Gerry Crank, Instrument Electrical Site Services Supervisor, Growhow UK Ltd.
“Any downtime we incur can be very expensive so when we outsource valve repairs we want to be sure they are completed to the highest standards first time round to meeting our deadlines. Provalve has provided great levels of support over a number of years and the work they do is always to the highest standard,” said John Higgott, Maintenance Coordinator, E.ON UK.
Emerson continues to provide on-site valve services, including control valve diagnostic testing and data analysis. These are part of Emerson’s extensive PlantWeb® Services offering, enabling customers to maximise the benefits they get from their investment in process and control assets.
Provalve Tel: 01422 313589 Emerson Tel: 0870 240 1978