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What to Look for in a Valve Repair Specialist?

For a long time, companies in the power, petrochemical and refining industries would have their in-house personnel take charge of valve maintenance. However, owing to the increased need for cost saving and the demand for expert services, more of them are now contracting specialists for the same task, which is why the numbers of businesses offering valve repair services has also increased. On account of this, you need to look into certain things to get hold of the right specialist, so below are some pointers that should guide you. Continue reading

National Grid valve Refurbishment Program

Provalve has recently completed the latest phase of a major valve overhaul program for The National Grid. The work which is still on-going has seen Provalve complete the major renovation of a large number of these semi obsolete Fisher Segmented Ball valves which were in many cases originally supplied in the Nineteen Sixties. Provalve were able to demonstrate their valve repair expertise by using special built jigs and tooling to refurbish to as new and ensure many more years of service.

As there are in total over 60 valves ranging in size from 4” to 16” the cost of replacements was prohibitive. The scope of work has because of Provalve’s proven capabilities been extended to include the main pressure let down control valves of CCI manufacture. The continued operation is critical to the stations performance and the supply of gas to the distribution networks. .For more information please contact us on 01422 313589 or email